Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Plain Language Title: A method to gain insights about how consumers look for information and purchase products online.

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Working Papers and Work in Progress

Paulo Albuquerque and Yulia Nevskaya, “The Impact of Innovation on Product Usage: A Dynamic Model with Progression in Content Consumption”, 3rd round Marketing Science.

Chen Zhou, Paulo Albuquerque, Rajdeep Grewal, “Competition and Firm Service Reliability Decisions: A Study of the Airline Industry”

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Shantanu Mullick and Paulo Albuquerque, "Evaluating the Impact of Fat Taxes: The Need to Account for Purchases for In-Home and Out-Of-Home Consumption"

Cases, Chapters of Books, In Press, and Online Articles

Paulo Albuquerque, Anne-Marie Carrick, and Joerg Niessing, (2017) “Smartick vs. Khan Academy: A Marketing Strategy for Moving Free Users to a Paying Model

Paulo Albuquerque (2014), "Studying Marketing: Education, Research, Jobs, and Teaching", in Marketing for the Curious: Why Study Marketing? (For College Students - Best College Majors, College Scholarships, Educational Research, Career Choices, and Success Stories) (English Edition), The Curious Academic Publishing.


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